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  1. Pennies in Hand

From the recording Pennies in Hand

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If in the distance you spy some large bird carrying my scarf in its claws and strands of my hair in its beak, well know that I shall make a good nest. Wish that bird well on its way and when the time comes, congratulate it for the new sounds of life you hear, for the sound of our hatching eggs. We wait for the change to fall from our pockets, and we wait for the holes to widen from wear, but I will pick up your pennies and hold them for you. You may want back your poverty, its richness, too, and I'll just be waiting here, waiting for you, with pennies in hand. Yesterday I looked down and felt as long as my shadow, and I was ashamed, thinking that others may see. But then I saw another and I realized that time dictates, not me. This morning I woke, I rose, and I spoke. But I have not yet found the right words. I am like Eliot's catalyst, I swear I’m doing my best to remain unaltered as I'm altering. I'll be waiting, waiting, waiting for you. I’ll be waiting, waiting, waiting for you. I’ll be waiting, waiting, waiting for you, pennies in hand. Thank you for holding me, thank you for your objectivity, thank you for everything.