1. Take Your Time

From the recording Pennies in Hand

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Grow little tomato, grow so big on your vine. I’ll be patient, I’ll wait til you are ripe. ‘Cause I wanna take you, I want to make you mine. And hey, pretty roses, won’t you take your time? There’s no reason to drop your petals by your side. Oh, let your thorns protect you until you die. Take your time, take your time. There’s no reason to rush your lines. ‘Cause we’ve all been too early and all been too late, and we’ll know when it’s just right. Let time fly, let time fly. Let’s just walk instead, and we’ll look up at the sunflowers towering over our heads. Old Mr. Oak tree I can’t imagine that life. Or how many people have sat beneath your branches so high. How nice it must be to simply watch time pass you by.