From the recording Pennies in Hand

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Let’s walk the tightrope. Let’s talk out our high hopes, and let’s tell all our sick jokes.
Yeah let’s tell all our jokes. Let’s sing a new song. We’ll shout out loud out right all day long, and you can tell me if and when I am wrong. You love to tell me when I’m wrong.
Well here we are now, Backgammon and Chess, like dominos lined up ready to impress.
You’ll make your play, and I’ll make a great escape. If time would stand still, we’d get somewhere. Perhaps walking backwards would help get us there. Let’s bring the house down. Let’s shout, let’s sing and scream for the whole town. And when we’re done we’ll marvel at the new sound. We’ll love the quiet when there’s no sound. Here’s the part now
where I regress. I do some soul searching in my favorite dress. The days they’ll go by dressed in a suit and tie. So throw me a rope or throw me a beer. We’ve got our moments, don’t we dear? We ran the race and we lost. I’ve said so many times the same words that aren’t worth repeating, dear. They’re not worth repeating, dear. Why didn’t you tell me? You should’ve told me, “I love you.”