1. February

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You fetch the axe, I will fetch a lifeboat
I think it’s safe to say you can forget your overcoat
It’s time to go, it’s time to go
At the end of august, the end of august

You find the family, I will find the finances
I think it’s fair to say neither of us know our chances
So where do we go, where do we go
It’s mid September, mid September

Where is America?
I need to be woken up
Where is the light switch?
I need to know which life is which
I’m still waiting..

You fetch a job, I will fetch a new song
It’s fair to say we didn’t think it’d be this long
Three months ago, three months ago
It’s now November, now November

You find yourself, I will try to find mine
I think it’s fair to say we’ve both lost something over time
It’s hard to know, hard to know
It’s almost Christmas, well merry Christmas

(instrumental bridge)

You fetch a shovel, I will fetch a wrecking crew
I’m beginning to wonder, who will fetch me and you?
They’re moving too slow, moving so slow
It’s February, it’s February
It’s February, it’s February